I first fell in love with the north coast of Northern Ireland when I spent four wonderful years living there in my carefree student days. Being so close to the rugged ever-changing beauty of that spectacular coastline ensured that it captured my imagination and my heart. 

So, when I picked up my first DSLR camera few years ago, where else would I gravitate to than my beloved north coast? As I developed a whole new love of landscape photography, it gave me excuse after excuse to get out and about to places I knew so well, and places that I had never visited before. 

But, more than that, it taught me to see the coastline in ways that I had never done before. Landscape photography forces you to slow down enough so that you don't just look at a landscape - you see it. You must notice the details hidden in plain sight; you must see how the structural elements laid out before you interact aesthetically. To my surprise and joy, I discovered that photography was helping me enjoy this coastline in new and inspiring ways. 

So this is what I aspire to capture in my photography. Whether it's of the Causway Coast, or of Belfast, that resilient capital city in whose shadow I grew up, or the majesty of the Mourne mountains, or of all the other places scattered across the wonderfully diverse little country that is Northern Ireland, I am trying to immerse myself fully into the moment and capture something of the majesty that is all around us. And, through this website, to share my work with you. 

Aurora and astro photography

As well as photographing the Northern Irish landscape, I enjoy photographing the night skies spread above us. And in particular I am an avid aurora chaser. Since seeing and photographing my first aurora in October 2013, I have taken every opportunity to photograph these magical displays. In fact, there is a dedicated Gallery in my website which contains a collection of some of my favourite aurora shots from Northern Ireland along with a range of other aurora-related resources.

Writings: eBooks & Blogs

I also enjoy writing about photography. Whether it's in my blog where you'll find articles about photographic techniques and the stories behind some of my shots, or my eBooks where I write about night photography and the aurora, feel free to check out my writings. 

“I couldn’t help but feel inspired with a warm smile as my thoughts turned towards the night sky thanks to Alistair’s profound passion for photography and the outdoors ... Don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to reach for your coat after reading this book!”
— Martin McKenna, Night Sky Hunter

Media Coverage

My photography has been covered and featured by a number of media outlets in Northern Ireland and beyond. In February 2016, I was interviewed by BBC Radio Scotland about photographing the landscapes of Northern Ireland.

BBC Northern Ireland featured some of my north coast aurora photos in February 2015. 

I was interviewed for a featured blog for Discover Northern Ireland, NI's official tourist board and my photos have been used by the Torist Board to help promote the beauty of the Northern Irish landscape in various overseas locations including AustraliaSouth Africa andFrance.

UTV had a special report on my aurora photos when I launched my video "A Year in the Life of an Aurora Chaser". 

In a video uploaded to YouTube, (Alistair) showcases his photographs of the northern lights. The footage includes time-lapses, stunning stills and starry skies all taken in Northern Ireland since September last year.
— Niamh Ferguson, UTV

I have written some guest blogs for Walk NI, part of the Government supported network of bodies to promote Outdoor Recreation in Northern Ireland.

And check out an interview with me and fellow landscape photographer Gilbert Lennox on the BBC Radio Ulster programme, "A Kist o Wurds". This is their Ulster Scots show, so be prepared for some very thick Ulster accents, some unusual words, and a wonderful cultural experience for those of you who come from lands beyond the fair shores of Northern Ireland!

Social Media