Ever since I discovered that you could see the aurora in Northern Ireland, I’ve been hooked on chasing the lights into the wee small hours of the night. On this page, you’ll find some of my favourite aurora shots I’ve captured over the years from some of Northern Ireland’s iconic locations. You’ll also find blogs I’ve written about what it’s like to see this amazing phenomenon for yourself, as well as tips on how to forecast and photograph them. Scroll down for more!

Here are some of my top aurora images, available to purchase in print or canvas!

Read more of my aurora chases in Northern Ireland

Check out some of my time lapse videos of the aurora displays I’ve seen in Northern Ireland

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Dunluce Castle

Giant's Causeway


Antrim Coast Road

Noctilucent clouds

During the never-ending hours of summer twilight, when it is often too bright for the aurora to be seen, its lesser know long lost cousin makes an appearance in the skies over Ireland. Cue the noctilucent clouds, so called as they are the clouds which glow in the dark. Seeded by the dust of burning meteors, they are found 85 km high in the last of what can properly be considered as our atmosphere. Whispy and ethereal, they can only be seen when the sun has set below the horizon. From there, it shines obliquely onto the lower side of the clouds, lighting them from below. They are a mesmerizing sight, spread across the deep blues of the twilight skies.