Just after my battery ran out

Dunluce Castle finally and briefly emerges from the early morning fog.

How do you find time to do photography? I'm asked that question quite a lot. The simple answer is that my camera is never far from my side. But, when your camera is always with you, the battery may not have had a good charge and may be dangerously close to going flat.

The view for most of my walk with the Castle barely visible.

I had one such experience during an early morning walk along the beach at Portrush in early November. The sun was just rising, the sky had a faint orange glow and the whole of the coastline near Dunluce was shrouded in thick mist. It was billowing off the plateau like breaking waves and mostly obscuring the faint outline of Dunluce Castle. 

I stuck on my 300mm lens, zoomed in to maximum, and started snapping away. I just caught glimpses of the top of the castle now and then, but it mostly remained stubbornly hidden behind its foggy veil. My battery was almost flat when I started on the walk, and it ran out after about a dozen or so shots which did no more than vaguely hint at the Castle hidden from view. They were atmospheric enough - but I kept thinking how much more dramatic they would have been if just a bit more of the castle was revealed.

And then the top of the Castle broke free from the mist. It was the perfectly framed shot - I had no charge left in my battery! 

What should I do? In desperation, I thought I'd try a trick I'd seen others use, but one that seemed a bit hopeless to me: I would lick the battery! So I popped it out, duly slabbered over the metal bits, slipped it back in and ... my lovely wee camera allowed me two final shots to make this panoramic. 

I'm not sure why it worked, or if it will work again. But just that once at least, I got two more shots just in time.