Photies on the wierless

The idyllic view towards Slemish as we recorded the show.

I grew up in County Antrim. It was the southern part now, to be fair, so I tended to hear more Belfast accents than those from my own home county. But whenever I did hear those wonderful rural Co Antrim accents, I was always well entertainted. I loved the wonderful sing-song nature, the irrepressible friendliness that came across effortlessly.

So when I got the chance to record an interview the other week for BBC Radio Ulster's Ulster Scots show, "A Kist o Wurds", along with fellow landscape photographer, Gilbert Lennox, I jumped at the chance. We met up towards the end of May at a lovely wee brook overlooking the iconic Slemish Mountain, arriving just in time to capture the setting sun casting its golden glow all across the bogland of the top of the Antrim Plateau and glisten off the stream as it gurgled contentedly beside us.

Our interviewer John Watt, known in Ulster Scots world as the Singing Farmer, was a real character and full of banter (or, more properly in this context, he's quare craic) We had a wonderful hour - the craic was fierce, the evening was mild, the setting was idyllic. And here's the result, complete with the photos mentioned in the broadcast. For, in John's own words, we must be mad to be talking about photies on the wierless...

So all you Scottish folks out there will have nae baur understandin' thon. For all you other - if ye fancy a wee lessan in thee mare tangue, hae a wee lasten intil thon!

Dunluce, October 2013

Slemish aurora, 12 May 2015

Slemish, 16 April 2015

Giant's Causeway. 10 April 2015