The artistry and artisanship of astrophotography


It begins in the imagination.

Like any good photography, astrophotography starts with vision. What is the shot you would like to take? What elements would it include? How will they be arranged? What’s the final look of the shot going to be? The shot of Orion above Dunseverick Waterfall that I unpack in this eBook started life as a conceptual idea. In my mind, I could see exactly what I wanted the outcome to be, even before I went anywhere near the location.

But, more so than regular landscape photography, the technical challenges of shooting in low light mean that you can’t simply jump in the car, turn up at the right place at the right time, press click and realise your vision. All aspects of photography beneit from good technical skills and understanding. But astrophotography especially does so.

Discover how I previsualised the shot, the settings I used when taking it, and my post-production workflow in this month's eBook.