Lucky for some, after all

How number 13 proved lucky for me during the 2014/15 aurora Season 

The number 13 has something of a reputation. In the street I live in, no one lives at number 13. Not because of some unspeakable horrors that were apparently perpetrated there in days gone by that have left it abandoned, mysterious and probably haunted, destined to spook out all and any of the neighbourhood kids who pass it by.

No: it's simply because there is no house numbered 13. They go from 11 to 15. Such is the association with bad luck that poor number 13 has, that the housing developer clearly decided he would struggle to sell a house with a number 13 to anyone. Who wants to scupper their chances with luck in such as fool hardy and avoidable thing like that now (never mind that No. 15 No. 13 in all but name - that's another matter...)

Clearly for me, I have managed to avoid any associations with the bad luck of number 13 this year, as I have been fortunate enough to witness for myself over a dozen aurora displays in Northern Ireland. What luck, eh?!? Now, let me count them - how many exactly have I seen?

Oh. That would be thirteen in total. Looks like it's lucky for some after all...

Why all this talk of luck? It's simply to make one point: people remark often to me how lucky I've been to see so many auroras. And, in a sense, I have indeed been on the receiving end of good fortune. However, my standard response is to say that, in the aurora chasing business, you need to work hard to make your own luck. Basically, the more you go out, the longer you spend in the field, and the later you're prepared to go to bed, the luckier you will be!

So I present to you now the aurora season 2014/15.  I hope you enjoy all 13 - and that it may inspire you to work hard in the coming aurora season to make some luck for yourself!

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