Mournes Photographic Workshops launched!

A funny thing happened this week. On my Facebook memories up popped something from this time last year: an announcement of my very first astrophotography workshop. Since then, I’ve run a series of workshops under the stars at the Causeway Coast, sharing something of my passion and enthusiasm for staying up really late and finding peace and solace under the vast canopy of the cosmos above me.

So why is this funny? Because today, exactly a year this week since my first workshop announcement, I am thrilled to announce a new and exciting workshop initiative, this time in my second home: the fabulous mountains of Mourne.

An exciting collaboration

But not only am I pleased about the chance to share something of the peace and solace I find up there with others. I am particularly excited about the fact that I will be doing this, not on my own, but with two of the Mournes photographers I hold in highest regard, and two guys who are some of my best mates: Ryan Simpson and Stephen Wallace.

We have decided to collaborate together to pull our experience and expertise, so that you can learn to see the mountains not only from one photographer’s perspective, but from three.

Between us, we have countless hours of experience hiking all over the mountains, in all seasons, and in all sorts of weather. We not only have come to know this place well; we have come to be truly at home here. We know the rhythms and seasons of the year. We know how the landscapes look under different light. And we have come to know the great inspiration it is to stand in the heart of the Kingdom of Mourne, looking up at an imposing peak, or looking down over the sweeping valleys below.

Experience the beauty, don't just see it

And so our plan is not just to show you around the mountains. But to help you to discover them. To begin the ongoing journey of you getting to know them, their character and their ebbs and flows through our workshops. Yes, you will learn the technicalities of photography. But, more than that, you will come to experience the breathtaking wonder that waits to be uncovered in this unique landscape in Northern Ireland.

Register your interest

At this stage, we are still in the planning phase. But we are keen to open this idea up at this point for anyone who would like to register interest. If you would like to do so, click on this link here and you can fill in a few details to be added to our registration list.*

Come and live the adventure with us in the place that inspired CS Lewis to imagine Narnia into life...


We are currently thinking of running the first workshop in April/May.


Some of the workshops will be in the High Mournes, some lower down, and possibly some seascape Mournes workshops.

Fitness Level

It depends on the workshop location. High Mournes would need an average to above average level of fitness and suitable hiking clothing and equipment. Others will be less physically demanding!

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