The Photographer's Craic podcast number 3

On a cold, overcast and rainy evening in June, when it clearly had forgotten to become summer, I had the chance to join my good photography buddies James and Ross for our third landscape photography podcast together. This time we didn’t talk much about astro photography for once - the conversations were more about landscape photography trips, and especially my most recent excursion to the wonderful country of Slovenia.

Enjoy the podcast here, and below are some of the images we referred to during our wee chat

Day 1 - perfect introduction

The perfect introduction to the most wonderful of places - sunrise at Lake Bled.

Lake Bled sunrise 1 glamor glow with lights (large) WM.jpg

Sunset from Mala Osojnica, one of the hills to the west of Lake Bled - the non touristy one!

Bled sunset from above version 3 (large) WM.jpg
The motley crew up Mala Osojnica

The motley crew up Mala Osojnica


The lower one is Ojstrica and takes a very easy 15-20 minutes gentle ascent up a path. But it will probably be crowded and full of Instagramming selfie takers! Press on up another 20 minutes or so, up admitedly steeper gravel paths that are quite slippy, to the much quieter summit of Mala Osojnica. You’ll have more space here and be less likely to be surrounded by touristst!

Days 2 & 3 - 36 hours of rain


As forecast, we woke on day 2 to rain. Rain that was to last non-stop for the next 36 hours! But Slovenian rain falls gently, unlike the Scots and Irish variety. So, umbrellas in hand, we were able to make the most of the moody conditions - including when the local ducks moved into just the right position…

Duck lake (large) WM.jpg

End of day 2, when my buddies were tucked up nice and warm in a Slovenian bar enjoying some nice Slovenian beer, I was out trying to get a blue hour shot - and getting totally soaked as a passing car drove through a huge puddle just as I was standing beside it. Sometimes it really doesn’t feel like it’s worth it at all…

Bled lake evening blue hour (large) WM.jpg

End of day 3, when it finally stopped raining, it was a little bit safer to venture out around Lake Bled - and the clouds parted just a little to give a tantalising glimpse of the stars that I could have seen…

Bled starry starry night (large) WM.jpg

Day 4 - the perfect send off

It took 10 minutes of the most inelegant of running - tripod over my shoulder, camera bag bouncing around on my back, deep gasping for breath coming from my very unfit lungs - to get back into place when this light unexpectedly burst out on the last morning. Worth the effort, do you think…?!

Lake Bled final morning light breakthrough (large) WM.jpg
Bled glamour (large) WM.jpg