What goes in to making a great photo? Undoubtedly technique is important. The ability to get the camera to do what it needs to do to capture the shot. But, more fundamentalis vision. The ability to see in the landscape in front of you those elements which, when aligned and arranged in just the right way, make a photograph compelling.  Technique and artistry, in perfect conjunction.

Develop your technique

During my workshops, I focus on both these elements. I will guide you through the various technical aspects you need to be able to master to capture the beauty of the landscape before you. Group sizes are kept small enough to allow lots of time of one-to-one tuition to help you figure out what settings to use to get the most out of the gear you have. 

The camera in the instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.
— Dorothea Lange

Expand your vision

But, more deeply than that, I want to help you develop your vision. As we stand in the middle of some of Northern Ireland's most iconic locations, we will have the chance to reflect on how best we can try to capture the essence of the scene before us. This is about more than getting a quick snap shot. This is about us entering deeply into a landscape, and about me helping you notice the details you will need to make your shot. It's about how to capture a mood, an emotion, how to stir the heart.

Using a coaching style approach, and drawing on decades of experience as a teacher and educator, I will pose reflective questions which will allow you to consider the scene and your own work. My goal is not merely to show you the photo I would take, but to help you see more fully and deeply for yourself.

So my workshops are designed to develop your technique - and expand your vision. Check out the details below.


Don't be afraid of the dark

Astro photography workshop

Saturday 25th March 2017

18.00 to 00.00

Causeway Coast

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Beyond the wall

Guided photographic walking tours of the Mourne Mountains

Dates and details coming soon

I am thrilled to announce here early plans for an exciting joint venture between Alistair Hamill Photography and the Award Winning mountain photographer, Ryan Simpson Photography. We are currently in the planning stages of photographic workshops that will bring you to some of the most iconic locations in the Mournes. Using our detailed local knowlegde, we will help you discover for yourself the almost endless photographic potential of this enchanting place, and we will guide you on how to capture something of its beauty all for yourself.