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Don't be afraid of the dark

  • Causeway Coast Northern Ireland, BT57 United Kingdom (map)

Astro Photography Workshop

Date: Saturday 25th March 2017

Time: 18.00 to Midnight

Location: Causeway Coast

Price: £75 (£45 deposit secures a booking - see T&Cs)

Group size: only five places available

What you will learn

How to use your camera effectively in low light

  • Manual mode

  • Exposure triangle

  • Shutter speed vrs focal length (600 rule)

  • Focusing in the dark

  • How to use your camera’s histogram to ensure you get well exposed photographs

Astro projects

  • Milky Way - how to locate it and photograph it creatively

  • Star trails - how to find the Pole Star and how to plan for compositions

  • Aurora - there are no guarantees that the aurora will make an appearance, but I will teach you some of the basics of aurora forecasting using the live data to help you make your own aurora predictions in the future

  • Astronomical panoramas

Support resources

Group size

The group for the workshop will be capped at 5. Which means that there will be plenty of time during our time together for one-to-one instruction and assistance.

What to bring

Camera gear


  • DSLR/Mirrorless camera capable of being set to manual mode

  • A tripod - the sturdier the better

Highly recommended

  • A wide angle lens...

    • If you have a full frame camera, at least 24 mm, preferably as wide as 16 mm
    • If you have a crop sensor DSLR or Mirrorless camera, at least 18 mm, preferably as wide as 12 mm
  • ...with as wide an aperture as possible - at least f/3.5, ideally f/2.8 or wider

  • Camera shutter release cable (if your camera doesn’t have a timer release)

Other gear

  • Appropriate clothing

    • Warm clothes (layers, warm coat, hat, scarf, thermals, gloves) - we will be standing out in the cold for hours, so be prepared!

    • Sturdy footwear, preferably water resistant. Hiking shoes or boots are ideal.

  • Headtorch - one with a white and red light is best. We need to preserve our night vision! But you need to be able to navigate on uneven surfaces in the dark, so a torch is essential.

Terms and conditions

Check out the full Terms and Conditions here.

Payment conditions

  • Placing a booking means you are accepting the terms and conditions outlined here.

  • To register, I require a non-refundable £45 deposit. The balance is payable 14 days in advance of the workshop. Failure to pay may result in your place on the workshop being forfeited.
  • See the full terms and conditions for the cancellation policy.

Weather Conditions

If there's one thing you can rely on for about the Northern Irish weather - it's going to be unreliable! Ideally, we would like clear skies for the astro workshop. What will we do if the weather is not playing ball at all? Check out the full terms and conditions for more details.

Later Event: September 16
Don't be afraid of the dark