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The endless twilight

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With the glorious summer weather and clear skies we are enjoying in Northern Ireland at the moment, there is no better time to enjoy the never ending twilight skies of mid summer! As the sun sets as lazily as you can imagine and we head to the wee small hours of the night, the glow of twilight hangs on to the northern horizon and into the midst of the night, before glowing again as dawn approaches.

This makes for the most wonderful of photographing conditions and allows you to capture the landscapes in a unique way.

What you will learn

How to use your camera effectively in low light

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  • Manual mode
  • The exposure triangle
  • Nailing focus in low light
  • How to use your camera's histogram ensure you get well exposed photos.
  • Nailing good composition in low light
  • How to set up your camera to get clean, crisp photos, even in low light

Twilight projects

  • Photographing the twilight band
  • Noctilucent clouds (these magical night glowing clouds are amazing to see - we'll get to photograph them if they make an appearance).
  • Moon rise and Moon photography
  • Astro timelapse photography
  • The Milky Way - how to find it, and how to photograph it in astro twilight
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Numbers will be capped at around 5 people, allowing for lots of time for 1-2-1 attention and advice. 


  • Sunset at Dunseverick (9.30 to 10.30)
  • Tutorial on post processing low light images (while we wait for it to get darker)
  • Moonrise at Portbraden (11.15 to 12.00)
  • Deep twilight photography at the Causeway (12.15 to 1.30)

What to bring

Camera gear


  • DSLR/Mirrorless camera capable of manual mode that can have a cable release attached to it
  • A tripod
  • A cable release (you can pick one of these up from Calumet in Belfast for around £10)

Highly recommended

  • A wide angle lens (at least 24 mm on a full frame, preferably 16mm - at least 18mm on crop sensor, preferably at least 12 mm)
  • Zoom lens (ideally a 200 mm zoom)

Other gear

  • Head torch - we will be navigating uneven surfaces in the semidarkness, so this is essential.
  • Sturdy footwear, preferably with ankle support.
  • Appropriate clothing - it shouldn't get too cold, but you don't want to get chilly in the wee small hours!

Support materials

  • A free copy of my popular astro photography eBook, 'Don't be Afraid of the Dark'
  • A follow up post processing session. I will take one of your RAW files and will video myself processing it using Lightroom and Photoshop to show you how I achieve the look I get in my twilight photos. 

Further details

Further details of where we'll meet etc will be provided once you've signed up.

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